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Are You Hungry for More?

Do you long for more? Is something empty deep down inside? Do you long to be fulfilled?Of course you do; this is the human condition. Remember back in psychology class, when you studied Maslow's Hierarchy of needs? Here's a refresher: PHYSIOLOGICALAt the bottom of Maslow's pyramid, he states that you...

5 Tips for Vibrant Communication

I need you.And, you need me. While most of you reading this are industrious, hard-working, impressive individuals, the truth is you cannot go it alone. You must depend on others. Though you may have a sparkling personality, great skills, and a treasured talent, you don’t have everything you need to navigate life. The...



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Name the challenge you're facing in your culture, and I will help you solve it.

From culture-shifting keynotes and workshops, executive coaching, or long-term partnerships, my work is to help you develop your next leaders.

I was fortunate to learn this early from an exceptional leader. She took an eager, overconfident new hire and developed me into a capable leader.

I went on to lead marketing & training for 80+ sites across the U.S. Later, I went out and got almost every credential in leadership development you’ve heard of. (see the list)

Since that time, I’ve joined organizations in almost every industry to BUILD VIBRANT CULTURES where employees take initiative and true ownership in their work.

Let’s build your leadership development strategy together.