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What kind of life does a life-long learner have?

What kind of life does a "life-long learner" have? This is a very powerful question. My answer to this without reservation is a VIBRANT LIFE. A vibrant life is pulsating with energy, power, and strength. I believe we have no choice but to be lifelong learners.  We all have dreams, desires, and...
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Doing Good and Doing Bad

     We have all have voices in our head. A daily dialogue goes on between the "me" that wants to be vibrant―full of energy, enthusiasm and genius―and the "me" that is apathetic―lifeless, lethargic and dull. This dialogue of the me's creates serious resistance to the pursuit of doing good....
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Live a Punctuated Life!

The word PUNCTUATE has two meanings:To insert marks into the written word to clarify meaning. To interrupt something at intervals.  I believe that a "vibrant life" is seriously punctuated!!! Living a vibrant life is, by definition, illuminated. When an individual...Knows his/her personal mission... Has the mission tied to a vision...Supports the...
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Developing Next Leaders

Tune in to discover how Nicole fosters vibrant cultures within organizations, empowering employees to take initiative and true ownership of their work. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights and strategies for leadership development and culture-building from Nicole Greer on The Sparking Show.
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Building a Vibrant Culture with Nicole Greer

Today, I’m joined by Nicole Greer, and we're talking about Building a Vibrant Culture. Nicole is a principal coach and CEO of Build a Vibrant Culture™. Her company specializes in helping individuals, corporations, faith-based organizations, and non-profits fulfill their mission and exemplify VIBRANT Leadership™. She is on a mission to energize, impact, and...
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Taking Back Your Time with Nicole Greer

It's no mystery as to why we've been talking about time management so much lately. Most firm owners have problems with it! This week, we're talking with business coach Nicole Greer about things you can do to control your time (instead of it controlling you), as well as how your...
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are some of my core principles. 

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Name the challenge you're facing in your culture, and I will help you solve it.

From culture-shifting keynotes and workshops, executive coaching, or long-term partnerships, my work is to help you develop your next leaders.

I was fortunate to learn this early from an exceptional leader. She took an eager, overconfident new hire and developed me into a capable leader.

I went on to lead marketing & training for 80+ sites across the U.S. Later, I went out and got almost every credential in leadership development you’ve heard of. (see the list)

Since that time, I’ve joined organizations in almost every industry to BUILD VIBRANT CULTURES where employees take initiative and true ownership in their work.

Let’s build your leadership development strategy together.