How can self-assessment and good habits lead to leadership success? In this podcast episode, I interviewed Jimmy Williams, a speaker known for helping business professionals overcome complacency. We discuss leadership, self-assessment, and success habits. Williams emphasizes the importance of integrity in leadership, self-assessment, and developing positive habits. He shares his personal habits for success, including … Read more

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Companies that want to have a strong values system, and live by it, are the companies that have the greatest success." Jennifer Levin, Episode 126

There’s power in investing in learning… In this episode, Jennifer Levin shares how education has shaped her leadership practice. As the Personal Development/Organizational Development Partner at Blum, Jennifer works with a U.S. team of 460+ employees as well as a team internationally. She’s here to discuss her experiences with international exchange in the workplace & … Read more

"If you want your organization to be innovative, you have to focus on developing your teams." Amy Climer, Episode 124

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"Leaders must be able to show that it's okay to tap into one's emotional center in the workplace." Kayshia Kruger, Episode 123

How can leaders create positive changes in the workplace using behavioral science?  Kayshia Kruger, organization development practitioner and executive coach, is here to share her expertise.  She’ll cover: Why leadership is a verb The meaning of psychological safety How to have difficult conversations The boundaries effective leaders implement Why rest is productive And more Mentioned … Read more

"Leaders shouldn't expect trust. They should inspire trust and respect it when it comes." Jerry Landry, Episode 122

Leaders can’t expect trust—they need to earn it. But what does it take to earn trust and be a servant leader? Jerry Landry, inaugural director of the Technology Training Institute at Central Piedmont Community College, is here to share what he’s learned about leadership, including: Why communication is key How to conduct effective one-on-ones The … Read more

"The more detailed your discovery research is, the more likely you'll develop a product definition to suit your customers." Ben Foster, Episode 121

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"Build a team so strong that you won't know who the manager is." Tara Whiteley, Episode 120

What does it take to create a “family” workplace culture in a 300+ employee company? At Eastwood Homes, a family-owned regional builder in the Southeast, this culture is a reality… In this episode, Tara Whiteley, the digital marketing team leader for Eastwood Homes, shares what makes this culture special—and gives an inside look at her … Read more