Becoming an Actualized Leader | Interview with Dr. William Sparks


In this episode of the Vibrant Leadership Podcast, Nicole Greer talks with Dr. William Sparks.

Will serves as the Managing Director for William L. Sparks & Associates, LLC, a professional services firm founded in 1997 focused on leader and team development, personal transformation and change management. He also serves as a Partner with Peter Browning Partners, LLC, a consulting firm providing board governance and executive coaching services to a variety of boards and senior executives. 

He is the author of “Actualized Leadership: Meeting Your Shadow & Maximizing Your Potential” (2019, SHRM Publishing), which debuted as an Amazon #1 Best Seller is based on the “Actualized LeaderProfile,” a leadership assessment that he designed and validated and that has been translated into nine languages. He is the co-author (with Peter Browning) of the book “The Director’s Manual: A Framework for Board Governance” (2016, Wiley).

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