Doing Good and Doing Bad




We have all have voices in our head. A daily dialogue goes on between the “me” that wants to be vibrant―full of energy, enthusiasm and genius―and the “me” that is apathetic―lifeless, lethargic and dull. This dialogue of the me’s creates serious resistance to the pursuit of doing good. This struggle between doing good and doing bad sucks the energy out of you. If you want to do more good in the world, it’s imperative to shut down that struggle and engage The Six Energies™.

Think about this…

What would it be like if more people did all the good that they can do?

I believe there would be more love, more help, more inspiration, more collaboration, more solutions, more innovation and more life.

If that’s true―and I think it is―then we as individuals need to learn to overcome the resistance (that internal struggle). When we shut it down, then we can engage our energies.

Let’s get started!

Vibrant Coaching uses the S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology™ to overcome resistance.  The “E” in S.H.I.N.E. is ENERGY. Vibrance is being full of energy. When you are using your Six Energies™, you light up. You S.H.I.N.E. These energies live inside of you. They are your life force. Just like you use your legs to walk, your hands to hold and your eyes to see, you use your energies to “do life.”

The Six Energies™

  • Intellectual Energy Using your head, your intellect, and your “Smarts!” to drive your actions

  • Emotional Energy Using your feelings to drive your actions 

  • Spiritual Energy Using your intuition, morals, principles and core values to drive your actions

  • Physical Energy Using your body, breath and heartbeat to drive your actions

  • Social Energy Using your relationships, networks and connections to drive your actions

  • Money Energy Using your talents, finances and investments to drive your actions

To use your Six Energies™, you simply ask yourself powerful questions to engage your willingness to expend the appropriate energy. The next time resistance rises up inside you, robbing you of precious energy, ask yourself:

  • Intellectual Energy What is the wise thing to do?

  • Emotional Energy What do I feel I need to do?

  • Spiritual Energy What would the creator want me to do? What inspires others? What inspires me? What would the Spirit whisper to me?

  • Physical Energy What would make my body feel better?

  • Social Energy What would most benefit those around me?

  • Money Energy What would increase the flow of money in my life?

Weighing your options with these questions and engaging the appropriate energy will help you discern the Next right step (the N in The S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology). Doing what is right produces light, and reduces resistance, and those are very good things. 

Go do good. 

Live a vibrant life.


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