What kind of life does a “life-long learner” have? This is a very powerful question. My answer to this without reservation is a VIBRANT LIFE. A vibrant life is pulsating with energy, power, and strength. I believe we have no choice but to be lifelong learners.  We all have dreams, desires, and a destiny stirring within us! To … Read more

The word PUNCTUATE has two meanings:

  1. To insert marks into the written word to clarify meaning.

  2. To interrupt something at intervals. 

I believe that a “vibrant life” is seriously punctuated!!!

People without confidence suffer more than people with confidence. That’s because they’re in a state of worry, anxiety and even self-loathing. They wonder: Am I worthy? Am I enough?  Do I have what it takes? Look closely at these questions. Can they be answered? Of course they can. What’s required is self-assessment. When faced with an opportunity that calls your skills, talents and gifts into question—leaving you less than confident—it’s time to take stock.

You’ve been given the gift of choice! Each and every day you wake up to a world chock-full of opportunities. Here’s a valuable tool from Nicole Greer, the Vibrant Coach, to help you discover the sweet spot where you are aware of your decisions, in control of your destiny, and making choices which result in the life you want.