You Are On a Lifeline



There’s a day when you arrive on this planet. And there will be a day when you leave. No earthbound human can escape this reality. Your lifeline exists between these two days, and you stand in choice about how you will experience the journey from point A to point B. 
That said, circumstances beyond your control will show up on your lifeline, but you have control over how you will handle those circumstances. Having a vision for your life is a key strategy for navigating those circumstances. My experience as a life, leadership and organizational coach over the last 12 years has solidified my philosophy:

You can have a vibrant life if you give attention and intention to what is possible and then take the next right steps to make it probable.

A vibrant life pulsates with energy. A vibrant life makes an impact. A vibrant life influences others, organizations, communities and ultimately the world. A vibrant life is transformational and transcendent. Living a vibrant life initially requires contemplation, and subsequently demands both care and concerted effort. 

When you understand who you are, then you can begin to see what’s possible for you. Once you see those possibilities, then you can engage strategies, systems and smarts to make your vision probable

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire! 

Get started today. Light your fire. Do the Vibrant Identity Exercise below to open your eyes to what’s possible for you. Then SHINE!



Begin with contemplation. Contemplation is deep, reflective thought and planning. This kind of thinking requires your time and energy. Pursuing a vision for your life insists that you clarify who you are. 
Consider these three perspectives:

  • What you have been given?
  • What you have chosen?
  • Who you are at your core?

 Your thoughtful answers will help you see who you are. 

If you email me, I will send you the full exercise and instructions.

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